Managed Web Hosting

Strangecode’s web and email hosting services satisfy developers and resellers who need to run sites on really big servers without the budget needed for a dedicated server and without compromise. All our customers receive the same totally bespoke, totally hardcore level of support.

Being developers ourselves, we’ve created a hosting environment that gives us great joy in our work. We’re committed to enabling others with the tools they need and hosting environments for their custom applications. In the past fifteen years we’ve built a community of developers who understand the value of specialized hosting.

The following packages are the base for customizations and additional options. If you have special hosting requirements, ask us for a custom quote.

Managed hosting plans


512 MB disk
2 GB bandwidth
5 email accounts
1 MySQL database


5 GB disk
15 GB bandwidth
25 email accounts
1 MySQL database


10 GB disk
60 GB bandwidth
100 email accounts
10 MySQL databases


10 email accounts
500 MB disk per account
10 GB bandwidth

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Secure Linux servers and open-source applications

Included email account features

Configuration options

Shared web hosting accounts can be configured to fit the needs of nearly any website. By default all options are set to maximize server security and performance; configuration requests can be submitted to our support team. Here are a few examples of things we routinely customize for our clients:


Fine print

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