Web Development and Consulting

Website Development

Strangecode provides extensive, scalable, custom website and software development solutions for clients as diverse as online retailers, business bloggers, research firms, emergency response teams, bookshops on remote islands and artists.

We segment projects and distribute tasks amongst qualified experts. Utilizing discrete project management techniques, open communication, and collaborative online tools, we complete projects small and large to specification, within budget, and on time.

Our applications are built with open-source platforms, standards-compliant code, consistent architectures, are heavily benchmarked and are just damn sexy.

Project examples:

Even if your project seems unusual, get in touch; we may have some tricks to share or know someone who can help.


We’re big picture people, and we're not afraid to step into big shoes. We love to hear about your projects, ideas and business needs. Before code or websites or even specifications – we listen, we collaborate, we facilitate.

Regardless of what form your internet venture takes, we bring a kind of value that spreads sunshine in boardrooms, smiles of strawberries, and fills bank accounts with honeysuckle. We are available for consulting, project management, workshops, and speaking engagements.

Piqued your curiosity? Contact us and request a proposal.