Strangecode Password Guide

Hackers (and their bots) target accounts with weak passwords and accounts with passwords exposed in a data breaches. A person (or bot) with unauthorized access to your account can read your email, spam your address book, corrupt your files, delete or modify important information, and consume server resources.

To keep your account safe:

Use a different password for every account

If you reuse passwords, multiple online accounts could be at risk if the password is exposed.

Beware of social engineering

Don’t share your password with anyone who asks for it. No Strangecode technician will ever ask you for your password.

Beware of phishing attempts

Don’t click links in suspicious emails. An attacker may display a fake log-in form in an attempt to steal your password. Navigate to log-in forms directly rather than clicking untrusted links in emails.

Use a password manager

Generate long, unique password and store them in an encrypted database with a master password. Good options:

Enable two-factor authentication

If your service supports 2FA, this will keep your account safe even if your password is exposed.

What is a strong password?

Two methods for generating passwords:

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